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The Sacred Wheel

"a place to begin"

The sacred wheel is a Mandala (designed by Eleanor Wiley, created by Graham Tattersall) of symbols created to honor all spiritual paths. When this medallion is used to bring us into prayer we embrace the joys and sorrows of the people represented by the symbols. The outer edge of the wheel is a representation of the rituals we practice, separated from each other.

The spoke represents our spiritual path. As we move down the spoke, deeper into our spirituality we find we come closer to the spokes on either side. The hub represents the central space which allows us to be to together in silence. The symbols were chosen as an archetypal representation of all spiritual paths. Should you choose to look into the meanings of each symbol you will be surprised how many different Spiritual stories are represented by each symbol.

The symbols are: Six-pointed star, Cross, Turtle, Om, Crescent and five pointed star, the Spiral. The inspiration for the wheel came from a talk given by Jim Kenney during the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions.

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