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Contemporary Prayer Bead Workshop



Participants come together to a safe and sacred space to make personal prayer beads. Together we look at traditional prayer beads and their relevance for prayer in our lives.

We uncover personal prayer practices and our connection with the Divine. Time is spent in quiet meditation and quiet activity. The group investigates beads and symbols as a metaphor for life.

Participants are encouraged to bring important beads and symbols from their life collection to be incorporated into the prayer beads. The meaningful events in each person's life are considered as beads are chosen to represent LIFE AS IT IS.

As a group we come to understand the innate wisdom that we share with all beings. Each of us will complete personal prayer beads during our time together.

Workshop fees include the cost of basic beads and materials needed to complete personal prayer beads. Tools and equipment will be supplied. Special beads and symbols will be available at additional cost.


Workshops are tailored for individual group needs. Workshop fees vary according to number of participants and length of activity. Time: Three to six hours Number of participants: 10-40

To arrange workshop contact:

Eleanor Wiley
1402 Santa Clara Avenue
Alameda CA 94501 USA