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about the artist : Eleanor Wiley

As a child I thought I knew who God was. My search for personal truth about God started after the death of my daughter, over 30 years ago I have been given the gift of many spiritual teachers from around the world. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, told me "look first to your own roots ....if what I say fits for you keep it:otherwise throw it out." Both his suggestions have been invaluable as I continue to study with teachers from many spiritual paths. I sit meditation with both a Christian community and a Buddhist community and practice yoga.


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The divine is more present in my life when I: Quiet my mind... Experience life as it is... Continue to practice... And remember that each moment is a new beginning. I gain support from my meditation communities and a spiritual adviser. I know I cannot do this alone. I have come to understand that my entire life is sacred. I devote my life to art and teaching the use prayer beads to support present moment practice. My children, granddaughter and community are the focal points of my life.